Weather Reports

Wind as media, model, experience



May–October 2022
Forests of antennas, oceans of waves
Berlin, Germany

24–25 September 2022
“This is not a good sign” at Digital Design Weekend
V&A London, UK

26 October 2022
Weather, Words, and the Body
London, UK

May/June 2023
Wind Data Salon #1
Potsdam, Germany


September 2022
“Surface Sensing” (Jussi Parikka) at
Aesthetics of Machine Vision

January 2023
“Kräfte, Ströme, Strahlen: Luft als technisches Medium, Coference” (Birgit Schneider) at
Medienökologien der Luft

Conferences & Exhibitions

23–25 September 2022
Forests of antennas, oceans of waves:
An exploration of art and theory in electromagnetic urban environments

Berlin, Germany

26 September–4 October 2022
Everything Will Be Fine, an outdoor exhibition
Berlin, Germany

12–13 January 2023
Medienökologien der Luft:
Bild- und Geschichtstheorien der Unsichtbarkeiten

Bielefeld, Germany

15-17 February 2023
The Coronavirus Pandemic:
An Environmental Humanities Perspective

Vienna, Austria