Weather Reports

Wind as media, model, experience


Related events

May–October 2022
Forests of antennas, oceans of waves
Berlin, Germany

24–25 September 2022
“This is not a good sign” at Digital Design Weekend
V&A London, UK

26 October 2022
Weather, Words, and the Body
London, UK

19 January 2023
Wind and rain: Namibian phenomenologies of weather
Potsdam, Germany

26 January 2023
Public Life - Sharon H. Venne
Southampton, UK/Online

31 May–2 June 2023
Environmental Data, Media, and the Humanities (a Digital Humanities Hackathon)
Potsdam, Germany


September 2022
“Surface Sensing” (Jussi Parikka) at
Aesthetics of Machine Vision

January 2023
“Kräfte, Ströme, Strahlen: Luft als technisches Medium, Coference” (Birgit Schneider) at
Medienökologien der Luft

Conferences & Exhibitions

23–25 September 2022
Forests of antennas, oceans of waves:
An exploration of art and theory in electromagnetic urban environments

Berlin, Germany

26 September–4 October 2022
Everything Will Be Fine, an outdoor exhibition
Berlin, Germany

12–13 January 2023
Medienökologien der Luft:
Bild- und Geschichtstheorien der Unsichtbarkeiten

Bielefeld, Germany

15-17 February 2023
The Coronavirus Pandemic:
An Environmental Humanities Perspective

Vienna, Austria

13 March 2023
Sense and Visibility:
Multisensory Experience and Representation of the Environment beyond the Visual

Hamburg, Germany